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Kenneth Teh, Founder of 01 digital.

I specialize in architecting revolutionary 0-1 products from the ground up. I've personally immersed myself in the nitty-gritty of startup development, taking on pivotal product and growth roles to ensure success. Remaining actively engaged in entrepreneurship communities keeps me abreast of the latest trends and innovations, while my consulting engagements allow me to offer strategic insights that truly add value.

My passion lies in serving and supporting startups, understanding mainly the lack of easy access to quality resources to stay lean and build fast. I'm motivated by the opportunity to help them thrive. Let’s hustle together.

20+ startups served

Why we exist

Traditional Marketing Agencies
Don't Think Like You Do.











Our Story

We've spent over 10 years working in leading startups and worked with dozens of other agencies.

Traditional Agencies:

  • Have outdated playbooks

  • Are slow

  • Over-design solutions and

  • Don't have adequate technical knowledge about how to run digital marketing effectively or at scale.

This has led to bloated timelines, teams and project budgets.

We couldn't help but to bring our expertise to help other startups grow better, so you can do more with less.

Our Mission

We aspire to empower marketing and growth teams in startups to adopt and create using better tools, to stay lean even at scale.

10x your digital marketing with 01 digital.

How We Are Different


Accelerate your growth with playbooks and tactics from leading startups


Deliver faster and better with our suite of low-code tools, automations


Drive better and faster decision making through centralised tracking and performance monitoring of your digital marketing assets at scale.

Our Portfolio

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